Business Insurance Management, Inc.  has developed unsurpassed expertise in construction insurance and maintains relationships with key markets specializing in construction business, from small artisan contractors to blasters and demolition.  



Residential and Commercial General Contractors and Developers

  • Detached Homes & Condos

  • Developers' OCP

  • OCOP's

  • Paper Contractors

  • Partially Completed Projects

  • Project Policies

  • Rolling Wrap-Ups

  • Special Excess Liability Over Large SIR's

  • Wrap-Ups

Residential and Commercial Developments

  • Custom Homes

  • Attached & Detached Single Family Homes & Town Homes

  • Condominiums, Condo Conversions, Apartments, Time Shares & Mixed Use Developments

  • Partially Completed Projects

  • Tract Homes

  • Plumbers

  • Roofer

  • Sewer & Water

  • Street, Road & Bridge Building


We can provide you  with information in a variety of construction-related areas:

  • Peer Review Services

  • Pr-Inspection Reports

  • Structuring Self-Insured Programs

  • Wrap-up Management/Administration

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  • Foundation Contractors

  • EIFS Contractors

  • Street and Road Contractors

  • Crane and Rigging With Commercial and Residential General Contractors

  • Roofing Contractors

  • Fire Suppression Contractors

  • Framing Contractors

  • HVAC Contractors

  • Insulation Contractors

  • Staffing Companies

  • Commercial and Residential Developers

  • Grading and Excavation

  • Utility Contractors

  • Concrete Contractors

  • Scaffolding Contractors

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